Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 5 update...

Good Morning!

Yesterday marked the completion of 4 week and 50 hours in Deutschkurs (language school)

I suppose that July 4th is not a bad way to celebrate this either... even from Germany! I had the pleasure of attending a Kim Carson concert in a park by the lake in Neuenburg along with some of my friends from the church. Kim's band is actually based out of New Orleans and has been coming to tour around Germany for the past 10 years, CRAZY! She sounds a lot like June Carter/Cash but better!? ha. I will have a picture soon from someone else's camera, but I'll leave you with this picture:

July 4th- outdoor bar and seating- streaming lights- my American flag shorts (yes)- and June Carter wannabe along with an amazing jazz drummer, a fiddle, and guitar player! Smack dab in the Southwestern tip of Germany, I arrived earlier than the friends I was meeting so as I stood there tightly clutching my bike ALONE, i noticed the fiery older couple from our church and huge supporters of our baseball club, Herr and Frau Widman! They speak no English and mein Deutsch is... eh.. coming? But we all gathered on a big log together and had the local Pils and some amazing fellowship bonded by broken German and great music! I have come to find out that they are crazy dancers as well. I seem to have come to the right place!

Did not realize that I was meeting the members of the band during the break, and come to find out that they have degrees from some of the largest music schools in America.. was a great night and although I greatly miss my family holding it down at the Lake, this was not half bad either :)

Happy July 5TH to ya now!

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