Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wien- Day 3 of the road trip

St. Stephen's Cathedral

These pictures are totally in the wrong order, but here we are at the end of the day going backwards. After the concert I had the privilege of playing this old instrument:

Mom and I at the concert!
 The Boesendorfer.
 St. Stephens...

Apparently you are supposed to lock these doors in order for them to NOT be transparent. I never thought far enough to lock them, just used the bathroom in sheer disbelief that someone could see right through my door as I went. WOW. One of our many laughs

Carriage Ride with Mom

St. Stephensplatz


After walking the extremely claustrophobic stairwell to the top of St. Stephens

 The top.

 Snacktime. Many of these such breaks were taken throughout the trip. Vienna might have had the most coffee stops though... AND shops..This window was perfect.
And this was the start of our day...! More to come!