Thursday, August 29, 2013

Part 1 of the Road trip with mom! (first 2 days)

 We drive about 5 or 6 hours in pouring down rain and steady traffic through Germany into Bavaria and this is our first sight of the "baby" Ludwig Castle.
 We caught the last tour of baby castle and decided to spend the night after finding out that this big daddy behind us was booked for the remainder of the day. So, the glories of renting a car: flexibility on a trip. Cancle Munich and hang out in Neuschwanstein. You guys should all check it out. "Crazy" King Ludwig of Bavaria's vacation homes.
 Ludwig actually died before the inner completion of this castle. He only lived here for a total of 170 days, i believe before dying mysteriously the day after he was declared insane. 
**Google King Ludwig II**
 HOTT (minus the cigarettes)
 View from the big palace...

 What I would do for even half of this kitchen. The kitchen was never even used.

 Yes, we love fluffy things! (the purses for Vaughan's kids)... Yes Vaugha, we got Gabie a purse. heehee

 Glory to glory.

Never forget....
 Not even 70 years ago (yes in THIS century) Millions of Jews and  minority people groups were made to stand in masses in this courtyard to be counted, humiliated, and exterminated. Sadly there were hundreds just like it over Europe at the time...

 "Arbeit mach frei"
"Work makes you free"
 On the road again! 
(in the hot rental car which you will see later!)