Monday, June 17, 2013

Sundays and Service

      Yesterday was the first Sunday that I had the privilege of leading worship for the Neuenburg International Church. The first two Sundays of my time here were enlightening, encouraging, and gave me time to see this small community in action before attempting to actually lead it. Thankfully I have an amazing German brother who has a servant’s heart and has been faithfully serving through music here. He plays guitar and sings and his German knowledge I could NOT do without!
      Once again I feel like I am back in the beginning stages of taking up leadership in an entirely new church environment as well as cultural and stylistic norms and preferences. For my “family” at RBC, if any of you are reading, I am once again so blessed and humbled that you were patient with me and trusted me to lead you and allowed me the room to grow spiritually and musically with your church. Beginning again and joining a one-man team here with Johannes here at the NIC makes me remember how difficult it could be at times to have to rely on someone else when you are used to getting the job done on your own. They (whoever “they” are) say that it is faster with two, but I say it is more humbling with two! I am experiencing this in so many ways and it is only my third full week here. It is humbling to be entrusted to lead a small but steady group of believers in a culture that does not welcome the character of Christ. How much we all need the encouragement of the presence of the Lord. Last week’s theme was TRUST but I think this one will be dubbed HUMILITY.
      My time serving at the Riverchase Baptist Church was probably one of the most incredible times of preparation for this season of my life here in Germany. I am in essence working the same way here, slowly praying through each interaction with church members, choice of song, and even the presence of a new electric piano- praying that hearts will not be distracted by what is new but be led to the heart of God. That is the reason any of us worship. But it is a slow and careful process. Pray for my wisdom, my patience, and my submission to leadership when I am in a major learning stage! (ONCE AGAIN!)