Friday, August 2, 2013

People and Places... This is only the beginning!

From left to right- Andrea and Steffi- who are best friends. Andrea is getting married in a month and a half and has completed a World Race. Steffi is perhaps one of my two favorite people here. Gifted in hospitality and just "realness" in spirit...
 This would have to be my other favorite. 6 foot 8 in. Alex who has been an amazing servant and friend. (and weirdo)
I think this is a nice surface summation of our relationship.
 My first ever oreo cupcakes. And should be my last.
 Sophie Davies whose family attends the NIC here. Her father is from Tennessee and her mother is German to the core. Soph is a very mature 17-year old and wants to move to America so badly :)

Big Brother watching over my cookies...

Left to right- Mark, one of the baseball players- and Josh my fellow intern and main squeeze with Markie! They were sweet to cook my roommate Mary Grace and I dinner one night!

My first Apfel Kuchen- Apple Coffee cake!
Being watched by Big Brother.

My girl Najeeha who front rowed it with me faithfully.
Singapore and Africa represent. Not to mention the US?
No other way to survive 4 hours a day of this but to have LOTS of coffee and a cell phone.
Our group on the final day:

My favorites!

Lunch by the lake from our backpakcs. Reading the Hobbit out loud, Twilight Soundtracks, and long naps to follow.
The curious meeting of Mr. Mole... Ester.