Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just so you don't have to end today imagining me with a ball and glove.. ;)
 I have the privilege of running this view every day for the next 5 1/2 months... how blessed among runners! 

 Feels like home...
 This is literally like Jane Eyre. I did not want to bore you with a picture from every side, but each way you look is fields and quiet.
One of my favorites so far.

Thursday May 30
After realizing daily sin that we generally count as “small” and yet the grievous nature to the heart of our God, this spoke to me from the Valley of Vision this morning.  Encouragement and challenge to a daily walking believer:

“…Yet what can thou expect from dust but levity, of corruption but defilement? Keep me ever mindful of my natural state, BUT LET ME NOT FORGET MY HEAVENLY TITLE, OR THE GRACE THAT CAN DEAL WITH EVERY SIN!”
Valley of Vision, Self-Deprecation

And now with that said, I would like to boast in my weakness and announce that today May 30, 2013 was my first EVER official day of softball practice. For those of you who know me well... and i suppose not so well. I have mild albinism and struggle ever so slightly with a visual impairment. You can imagine that this helps my softball abilities incredibly!! (sarcasm inserted here) But after going on a 5 mile in run in the beautiful countryside and feeling quite good about myself, I was enlisted in the female softball league. I told them I could run, train, and work their girls, but please PLEASE do not make me attempt to to catch or hit a ball! He guess what guys? I endured an hour and 30 minutes of this self deprecation and you know what? I threw, caught, hit balls, and even blocked a line drive to prevent my jaw from being broken. 

I am just waiting for Sunday morning church! haha 

II Corinthians 12:8-10 ..."My grace is sufficient for you, as my power is made perfect in you weakness... for when I am weak, He is made strong."

Here is to an authentic faith walk!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 Maybe this will help... One shot in the dark.

 Is this place for sale?

Belvedere- My first German Castle

 You cannot see it due to the glare, but the mountains are breathtaking out front!

 Towns and vineyards from the top..


From the time I arrived in Zurich at 8:30 am yesterday morning, I have been forced to keep my eyes open all day. From the beautiful drive into Germany to the meeting of my new roommate and bachelorette “pad”, I was taken to lunch, coffee, a castle, and a few grocery stores (and no I am not kidding, I went to two!) But here is a snapshot or two of my first day in Germany!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

         I realize these first couple of posts are a bit wordy- but I did not have the chance to post until this evening! I so want you to be encouraged as I am through the testimony of fellowship and loving kindness of God through the body of Christ. Yesterday morning after running errands and saying goodbye to friends, I return to my house to find three sweet sisters and dear friends of mine waiting in my driveway. These three girls do not know each other, but happened to have come to support and pray over me at the same time. So ten minutes before I am taken to the airport, I had three dear friends and godly women send me off with prayer and written encouragement for the road. How wonderful for me, as I marvel at the graciousness of the body of Christ and the maker of it all!
         I departed Birmingham at 2pm yesterday with an inexplicable anticipation to be in a foreign land, struggling with foreign language, and loving a people I have never met. I believe this is rooted in the knowledge that no mater how far I go, I am rooted and grounded always in the loving and kind hands of my Father. He will not give me more than I can handle, and whatever is put in my path. He has proven faithful the past 26 years and I am taking an educated guess that there is no changing that!

Kelli Lennon- O Henry's represent!

Sarah Kathryn Sharp- Anthropologie/Samford/Christ City

Mandy Liu- World Traveling partner and sister