Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Friday night some of the girls' high school "gymnasium" hosted a benefit concert to raise money for a building project in Africa- they invited us to come and also see their school and meet their friends. These two lovely ladies are on the softball team and are so sweet, funny, and smart! Julia is in the middle and Tamara is the red head to the right. 

 The courtyard or "quad" as we would call it.. not too shabby for a high school!

It was interesting- to say the least. Tamara MADE me stand with her in the front row.. we were both a bit mortified I think!

A Little More Activity...

Here are some of the other girls at practice- they had just lost to my team in a relay (shocking, I know!!) But hey it was a relay, not a catching contest!

That's Tamara and my roommate and coach Mary Grace

Claudine- one of the most faithful sisters here. She is local and is such an encouragement to me. (But I never would want her to throw to me. She's incredible) And of course.. I'm almost incredible.

I have had many requests for pictures of me in softball action and trust me, I don't think you want or need to see those? 

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