Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Second baking excursion- my favorite cookies. Splurge of a shopping trip and two amazing girls to spend it with!

 Leo constantly hovering...

 Fashion Faux Pua #1 Can we say "Tchussieee!"


 For al of you Harry Potter fans, I have found you a "Nimbus 2000" on wheels?!

 Ying Yang Doors

 Der Munster


 My little girl MG 
(no flash allowed in church)

I suppose I could worship here! 

 And I could play this organ (if I knew how)

 My favorite part of the day was when some British couple asked me what this room was for,I told her it was the prayer chapel. Do you notice the names on the plates? Its called a mausoleum- burial in style. haha


 Der Munster- the church immediately following WWII, the entire city bombed and only those who were in the church were spared. The church and its people God had His hand on. How amazing!

View from the top of Der Munster- the towers! 
Only about 400 stairs.

  One of gate into the city

I look happy here but that was on the way down. Don't try this climb if you are claustrophobic. 

The Hunchback hangs here. (or hung) 

HUGE bells! 

Weinfest after the towers and church...  

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  1. I must admit...I might have laughed out loud when I saw Leo on your microwave.
    Some things never change. ;)