Monday, July 8, 2013

Black Forest Adventures (Last weekend of June!)

My first break in the drive up into the forest...
 Cloud Cover...

 The "Holiday House" where the following festivities take place!

 I am the dog whisperer. For any of you who ever would like to bestow a friendly furry companion on me- this is the exact one that I would like. 
 I think the view makes the rustic accommodations worth it!
 And I would not mind if this were reserved for me...

 Pets are allowed in every restaurant, look how well they are treated! (it may be because this pup is a regular and lets face it, he's hot.)

 Some tea service!
 My gluten free room mate decided to brave it for the day and I think she ate her cake and half of each of ours. We prayed a blessing over the gluten and lo and behold... God answered!
 The traditional Apfel Kuchen that I would like to make (and eat)

 The Herb House
 The best shopping baskets ever
 Yes, it actually is tea.

 All of the tea I could imagine...
 My basket :)

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