Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not really sure why anyone really would want to know this, but since it is not the most normal thing I am now doing on a regular basis I thought I would share with all of you dying to know!

I am sitting outside our little church door in a crazy creak from JH Ranch (fond memories) and bumming the internet off of the locked building at 10pm at night. Its so wonderful, I thought you could all share in my anticipation of waiting of the gypsies that I hear frequent this street, and wait with me and my camera for them to arrive! I am currently blaring Barenboim's recording of Beethoven's Op. 111 Piano Sonata and siting in the dark blogging... I have reached a new level of emo and artistic, I believe.

I took my first trip in to France this afternoon and visited my first mall with one of my softball girls and her aunt, who is a regular member of the NIC where I lead worship. Just so none of you are worried, I acquired the best cup of coffee since making my presence known in Western Europe ONE MONTH AGO! Don't worry, it was truly a cup smaller than the ones we use for espresso at O'Henry's. I am not sure if it was Espresso or coffee in the cup but the French pastry and coffee were divine. I will admit to something embarrassing, however. The man I ordered coffee from did not speak English... nor did he speak German. (or chose not to with me) and I got mad at him for not speaking German! I mean, we are 20 minutes from the border, how hard could it be?! Although I have not mastered my bike and may or may not have had a wreck on Saturday in front of three grocery stores, I have become a European snob. I might look Swedish but I am developing a German heart. Great. Love you all!

(f anyone wants to know more details on my bike wreck... well... two words: Recycling and me).

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