Monday, October 28, 2013

Autmn in Germany Part 2:

** In an inadequate note of thanks to those of you who have financially supported in in this time here in Germany, this experience has changed my life and heart in ways I did not expect. I came and have existed here for the sake of ministry and service to the church and this community, but it has blessed my life to be able to grow and flourish as a person and in my faith- in the freedom of being in a new place and in such incredible beauty. My soul is ministered to sometimes as much on a Sunday morning as it is walking through the vineyards on a cool Autumn afternoon or seeing the Bavarian or Swiss Alps. The people, places, and new experiences have breathed new life into my soul and as usual, the moment i come to be a "blessing" or helpmeet to a ministry or place, I am the one who is so incredible enriched and blessed in return. Here are some snapshots of my life in the the past month or two, THANK YOU for your investment.  I am a blessed woman. 

 On Germany's national holiday similar to our Memorial Day, we all let off school and work and this is how we chose to spend our day: About 3 miles in I began to wonder what I had signed up for...
Yup. It was a 16.1 km hike. 

This is part of the mass exodous to the top of the Belchen- I think this was around the 8k mark?

       Extraordinary beauty around 9 or 10K...

               We made it!!! Through the clouds you could see the Alps

  No explanation needed. BUT for those of you who say there is no God and that you need proof?                                                                
Lazing and grazing a bit at the top. These funny guys are all from my church community representing about a fourth of those hiking with us that day.
 The magic foursome: rode together, hiked alone. From left to right: Jacob Coon (tech and media team from NIC); Steffi Wissman, lovely sister and fellow sarcastic confidant; myself and then Alex Adolf- translator for the NIC and ever faithful protector of all things weak and female (ha)!
Heading back to 16.1.

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