Saturday, September 28, 2013

Be encouraged!

After a long week with many early mornings and late nights I was able to finally sleep in and enjoy my morning. Coffee, Running, and the Lord. I have taken to using my runs to speak with and also listen to the Lord (or at least attempt to listen!) I feel so blessed as I am able to physically move and enjoy the foggy and overcast Rhine at my own pace. I think of how often I take advantage of my physical mobility and complain about the minor imperfections of my body in comparison to what some others endure with supernatural joy...

After having an encouraging talk with my boss and pastor yesterday afternoon, he encouraged me to seek the Lord in the important decisions in my life the same way that I did with the decision to come to Germany. This is the prayer that is flowing from my heart this morning and hopefully more on a regular basis in the future:
1. Does this decision, relationship, or action bring about glory to the Lord's name?
2. Does this bring about the Lord's kingdom in the church and make it more fruitful?
3. Does ir bring about my own personal sanctification?
**For those of you who struggle with big words as I do, "sanctification" means my own pursuit or process of becoming holy or pure in heart. Of course this process is ever ongoing, each day being renewed.**

He encouraged me to not try and answer these questions for the Lord, but to ask them and leave the answers open-ended until I hear the Lord speak. Be patient! As I pray for my own family, decisions regarding the farm, my personal relationships, and those of my close friends and family, I am comforted by the knowledge and peace that the Lord will answer and He will convict our hearts if we are living in Him!  

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