Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And here we are!

 By day...

Always wanted to see this.. half a minute in this area was enough. HA

My first real crepe.

All of these concerts would be on Sunday afternoon- just 2 hours AFTER my bus leaves home for Germany. RATS.

This is what I call real advertising.

I think I have found the one. Hello Downton Abbey.

Will you marry me?

Bridge where lovers hang their locks and toss the keys into the river to ensure their commitment/union/happiness/ whatever. 
 Someone had a little falling out....

No words.

Hiding in the shadow of Mary Grace's skirt to avoid the inevitable sunburns. Yes, I am so resourceful. We walked in a zig-zag line like this for about 30 minutes- just wanting to be close...

AND... the "Living Sculptures of Pemberly" 
(for those of you who are nerdy enough to know all the the tracks to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack) This is so like the movie.  


All of these people clamoring to see the Mona Lisa when they could be looking at the other millions of brilliant works of art.. MG and I might have mentioned quite loudly that it was too bad it wasn't the real thing.... 

Wedding Feast at Cana

One of the most touching pieces I saw. This soldier is holding the hand of his dead wife while his daughter grieves at his side. If you could have see his face up close..

Any of you remember that dinner conversation in Downton Abbey where Mary is insulting Matthew because she does not want to be forced to marry him- so she talks about Perseus and the "Hideous sea monster" and the princess who was to be fed to him? Ha, we found the visual source!

I just love.

So intricate.

I have already begun the plans for my new home...

Loved these too

Perhaps my favorite piece of the day. 
Cupid and Psyche reference here:
Cupid is in love with Psyche but cannot have her unless he is invisible to her. So Psyche is bound by this love that she cannot see. Although showing both figures here, Psyche is in reality being held by this invisible love- powerfully bound... Incredibly tragic and touching.

I also love the painting in and of itself.

Beautifully done...

But of course! Rounded the corner and there he was, Chopin himself!

Just like the front of my piano book!

Absolutely love this as well. Probably number 2.

4 hours later and not even having made it to the French Masters... See ya again in a month!


Some of Tili's friends from Canada whom we ran into in the museum. We all got dinner afterwards and this was our farewell. It was great, the two young girls were sisters and spending a little time roaming Paris on their way to Israel to visit extended family. The girls were believers too!

AND the nightlife!

Of course we could not show up empty handed. We hit up Starbucks after dinner and very frugally re-used our cups for the celebratory wine! 

Wine and chocolate under the Eiffel Tower- along with a million couples and people lounging on the "mall"!

Notre Dame.

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  1. Notres Dame! Louvre! ESCARGOT! French crepes! Chopin/liszt/avemaria/adagio music!!
    Is that all you've got?
    La Vie Et Belle.
    I may or may not be breaking the 10th commandment. Especially in regards to the paintings...
    Time to buy a plane ticket.