Friday, June 7, 2013

OK, so any of you that experienced the JH staff bike training know that I am not the greatest with the bike. However, if I want to get anywhere in this town or go to the store on my own and actually make it home with all of my groceries... this is now a necessity. Heaven help me as my knuckles turn white every time someone or something comes within 3 feet of either side of me. (I actually told that to my mom on Skyoe yesterday and she said, "Chrissy, your knuckles are always white, whats the big deal?") Wow. Thanks mom! haha
 And I rewarded myself greatly for conquering this monster without spilling or wrecking in the first 24 hours. Very productive time at the Rewe, AKA "Publix". Actually, reward for getting through 12 hours of straight German this week. Need. Sleep.
 Need. Exercise.
 To my right at 9:00 at night.
 Straight to my house...
To my left.

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